During my student days in Shimane, the first venture I launched was a matching site named "ConVene," symbolizing 'to convene' or 'to summon.' This site eventually evolved into "ComRade," aimed at fostering student interaction and information dissemination, signifying 'comrades who share joys and sorrows.' Further, we established a real-life platform called "PANDORA-BOX," where students from Shimane gathered to deliver entertainment throughout the San'in region using mass media.

The knowledge and skills in planning, sales, and finance I acquired while supporting these students were then tested over ten years in the metropolitan areas of Tokyo and Osaka to see if they could benefit corporations. Through this process, I was able to expand the scope of my business using the valuable connections I made. Now, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary (20 years including the partnership company era), we are undertaking new challenges by reorganizing and restarting five different ventures.

I believe that with 'comrades who share joys and sorrows,' we can overcome any obstacle. We strive to build such relationships with our partners. With this belief, we continue to devote ourselves to our daily business activities. ComRade is a company that delivers 'communication' and 'future.'

23rd January 2024
ComRade Co., Ltd.
CEO / President ITO SEIJI